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Florida Dentist Accused Of Torturing Children

Brandi Motley took her 6-year-old daughter, Bri'el, to the dentist to remove a tooth in December 2014. Three hours later, Motley said she found her daughter hyperventilating, covered with blood and bruises, and missing seven teeth.

The Florida mom is just one of many parents said to have had nightmare experiences with pediatric dentist Dr. Howard Schneider, the Daily Mail reports.

After Motley posted pictures of Bri'el's injuries on social media, other parents became increasingly vocal, telling horrific accounts of what Schneider allegedly did to their children.

Schneider faces multiple lawsuits, including a medical malpractice suit from Motley and a separate investigation. He has also relinquished his license to practice dentistry, the Florida Department of Health said.

According to Motley's lawyer, John Phillips, most of Schneider's patients had Medicaid for their health insurance. Since Schneider was the only dentist in the area who accepted that insurance, his business mostly attracted low-income families.

Schneider has received almost $4 million from the government-run health insurance company over the last five years.

At the expense of young children, the dentist allegedly used a loophole to maximize his earnings — Medicaid paid him per tooth, said attorney Gust Sarris, who is representing several people in suits against Schneider.

"'So, can I cap a tooth twice?'" Sarris said, explaining Schneider's logic, according to the Daily Mail. "'Yes. Can I pull it? Yes.

"'Can I then successfully obtain benefits for all three? Absolutely.'"

The countless horror stories about his office include unnecessary tooth extractions performed without anesthetic. Many children have reportedly walked out of the office with cuts and bruises on their necks.

Some parents have said that the dentist would wear frightening costumes and warn his young patients: "Your mom will die if you tell her what happened."

The 78-year-old dentist maintained his innocence, even after his business collapsed.

"I am moving to Charleston, where my wife is from," Dr. Schneider told First Coast News. "I am sick of it; I have done nothing wrong."

Sarris accused the dentist of "running" and promised to obtain justice for more than 60 patients who have suffered in Schneider's hands.

"We will pursue it," he said. "We will do everything to protect these victims."

Sources: Daily Mail, First Coast News / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail


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