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Flesh Eating Bacteria Victim Aimee Copeland Refuses Pain Meds

A young, Georgia woman’s highly publicized battle with a deadly, flesh-eating disease has taken a gripping turn. Aimee Copeland, 24, has to go through daily procedures to treat her virulent case of necrotizing fasciitis, some of which are extremely painful. Her father says she is declining pain medication due to her personal beliefs.

Aimee Copeland reportedly “despises” the opiate pain killer morphine, even though it is the most effective treatment for her specific pain. Her beliefs stem from her graduate study in holistic pain management techniques. In Aimee’s eyes, taking painkillers would make her a “traitor to her convictions.”

“The area of her wound, which I saw for the first time on Sunday during a dressing change, is massive,” Aimee’s father wrote on his blog documenting the development of his daughter’s condition. “The nurse who completed Aimee’s dressing change was astonished at Aimee’s insistence to avoid morphine during the procedure, as was her mother and I. I know the pain was significant, but Aimee’s courage is greater.”

Ms. Copeland is one of at least three Georgians infected with the rare bacterium this season. She caught the bug when she cut her leg zip lining over a west Georgia river. Her left leg, right foot and both hands have already been amputated. Doctors say she’s not yet out of the woods.

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