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FitWit: A Daily Affirmation That Will Make You Smile

When we first decided that we were going to do Love Yo’Self Week on FBG, I immediately knew one video that just had to be shown as a part of it. I know this has been around the ol’ web block a few times, but if you haven’t caught it before, “Jessica’s Affirmation” is a fantastically cute reminder to be grateful for everything you have—and realize just how dang awesome you really are.

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This little girl belts out what she loves about her life (everything!), and you can’t help but smile (especially with the little two-step she does at the end). So, for this week, we challenge you to bring out your inner Jessica and shout out from the rooftop (or bathroom counter) about how awesome you are!

Can’t see the video? Click here to see Jessica’s daily affirmation!

What do you love about your life? Tell us in the comments! —Jenn


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