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Fitness: Don't Get Into the Habit of It

Fitness is a habit of UN-habits. It seems just as you get used to something one way it's time to change again. You can't get too cozy in your habits or you may slow or even halt your progress. Here are a few habits NOT to get to cozy with:

1. Doing the same exercises. Doing the same gets you the same. You won't move past where you are by willing it, or wishing it, you have to change it. Add 10 extra minutes to cardio, change cardio, try new moves, new machines, go heavier, go lighter... just change.

2. Using the same amount of weight. Up the weight! If you've been using the same amount for a long time, it's time to move UP. Add some weight to add to the stress on your muscles. This is one of the factors that will force them to grow or give them good shape. OR, go lighter. If you always go heavy, reduce the amount of weight.  or go heavier for less reps or lighter weight for more.

3. Using the same workout machines. Try new ones, learn to use free weights, or do a combo of both.

4. Doing the same circuit training. Once again, your body simply adapts if you do the same routines over and over and growth and progress slow or halt all together. Change up.

5. Using the same cardio machines. Mix and match. Try doing 10 mins on 3 different machines, or try one you've never used before.

6. Doing the same cardio. If you're a runner try a swim. If you bike then run. If you use machines, climb on a real bike. 

You can also run stairs, run bleachers, jump into a game of basketball, racquetball or any other heart-pumping sport.

7. Eating the exact same food every day. Your body needs different things on different workout days. On heavier workout days, add some good carbs. Eat different fruits and veggies, and change up your protein. Every healthified food has something good to offer to keep trying new things.

We want to fall into a fitness habit so we don't have to think or worry about it, but too much routine will only keep you thinking and worrying about it. But DO fall into the habit of regular workouts, eating clean, and thinking how you can mix things up.

by Heather Frey, 
Founder and President of, TV Fitness Specialist for Miami Mom's, Writer, Artist, CPT, Spokesperson, Fitness Model, National Figure Competitor

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