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10 Things to Look For in a Personal Trainer

Get in Shape for Women polled 1000 members and 100 personal trainers to present the most effective qualities in a trainer and their clients. Following are their "Fitness Bill of Rights," universal expectations for both trainers and clients that make the biggest impact on a successful fitness partnership.

It's your right that your personal trainer:

  1. Be accountable – if you aren't showing up or falling behind with your commitment, your trainer should call you! They're your partner in this effort and should hold you accountable.
  2. Be the best – trainers need to update their skills regularly.
  3. Be flexible – everyone has different capabilities; trainers need to accommodate those differences.
  4. Be kind – you're there because you want to improve your life. Trainers should celebrate that.
  5. Be prompt – trainers should never be the last person to enter the room. They're leading this effort and should be there to greet you.
  6. Be creative – if something isn't working for you or you're losing interest, trainers need to change things up. Trainers must do everything they can to keep you motivated and committed.
  7. Be present – trainers should leave everything in their life at home. 100% of their attention should be on you.
  8. Be fair – trainers shouldn't focus on 'favorites.'
  9. Be fit – a healthy lifestyle is their biggest calling card. Trainers need to lead by example.
  10. Be fun – even if the workout isn't. Energy is everything.

It's a trainer's right to expect that you:

  1. Be prompt – when you're late, you start at a deficit and won't get the most of your experience.
  2. Be honest – with yourself and your trainer. If things are too tough or not right, speak up.
  3. Be committed – limit the excuses and hold yourself accountable to a commitment you can stick with.
  4. Be supportive – of yourself! Recognize that this is a process that will take time.
  5. Be brave – leave your insecurities, inhibitions and vanities at the door.  

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