FitLinks: Toning-Shoe Injuries, a Controversial Yogurt Commercial & More!

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Coconuts aren't just pretty—they're good for you, too! Credit: legends2k

From a Yoplait commercial that is causing a ruckus to the healthy benefits of coconut, today’s FitLinks are informative, thought-provoking and fun (of course)!

This ad is causing quite the stir. —That’s Fit

Just another reason to not rely on toning shoes to get fit. —Fat Fighter

Vegan chocolate banana soft serve? Oh, yes, please… —Fit Sugar

Sometimes we feel like a nut, and this nut is oh-so healthy! —That’s Fit Canada

Eight reasons to avoid fast food. —All Women Stalk

The best Brit-Brit songs to work out to, including her new single! —Shape Magazine

Need more energy? Try these yoga poses…like now! —FitStop Fitness mag

Can’t lose weight? This might be the missing piece of the puzzle. —Diets in Review

An interview with FBG Jenn from one of our favorite bloggers! —Brooklyn Fit Chick

Moves for strong arms that you can do anywhere! —College Candy

Are there actually benefits to wearing heels? —Exercise TV

Did you find a fab link from the week? Share it in the comments! —Jenn


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