FitLinks: Mother’s Day Gifts, a Barbie Reality-Check & More!

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Credit: dbking

Today we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a little of this, a little of that and a whole lot of these awesome links!

When you eat the right ones, carbs really rock! —That’s Fit

We would love to see even more fast-food places do this! —Fat Fighter TV

Looking for some last-minute Mother’s Day gifts? Check these out! —Fit Sugar

Change your brain with this one activity. —That’s Fit Canada

Maybe it’s just leftover from the hype of the Royal Wedding, but we’re kind of smitten with this sport. —All Women’s Talk

Is sugar evil? Toxic? Really? —Shape magazine

Want to run faster? Tips from someone who knows the meaning of “fast.” —FitStop

You’ll never see Barbie the same way again… —Diets in Review

So much fun stuff offered this month! —Exercise TV

Olé! —Jenn


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