FitLinks: Best Food to Buy Organic, Jillian Michaels’ Next Gig and More!

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Millions of organic peaches...peaches for me. Credit: La Grande Farmers' Market

Yummy links for your Thursday! Get ‘em while they’re fresh—and juicy! (Why is juicy such an ewww-tastic word?!)

Unsure if you should go organic or not? On these foods, always go organic if you can afford it! —That’s Fit

Anyone who puts “It’s Raining Men” on a workout playlist is A-OK in our book. —Brooklyn Fit Chick

After a hard workout or race, don’t just rest. Recover with these three steps! —CollegeCandy

Just another reason the Twin Cities rock. —Fat Fighter TV

Now that it’s warming up, make sure that you’re staying safe during your outdoor workouts in the hot, hot sun. —Fit Sugar

Have a craving? Squash it with these seven tips! —All Women’s Talk

Seems like most people like Pilates OR yoga. The case why both are good for you. —That’s Fit Canada

Already missing The Biggest Loser? Evoke your own inner BL contestant with these workout ideas! —Shape magazine

Did you know that May is National Salad, Hamburger and Strawberry Month? Yep, that’s worth celebrating with these recipes! —Fitness magazine’s The FitStop

Meat glue? Beyond sick. And scary. —Diets in Review.com

Jillian Michaels is leaving The Biggest Loser for The Doctors. Hmmm. —The Doctors

What was your favorite read from the week? Share it in the comments! —Jenn


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