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FitLinks: Avocado Recipes, Attractive Men & More!

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Credit: j_silla

We have some goodies for you today. They’ll make you think, make you dream—and make you hungry!

Avocado recipes…yum. —FitSugar

A fabulous workout that involves our favorite dance move of all: jazz hands! —Broadway Bodies

In the Big Apple? Your source for getting healthy! —Go Healthy New York

Women’s surfing is bad ass. Here’s proof. —Nike 6.0

Brett Hoebel’s top fitness and healthy living tips! —Sears Footwear

A blog filled with attractive men. Um, yes, please! —Babe City Babes

A normal girl we love. —High-Heeled Love

This got us thinking. And we think it will make you think, too. —Yes and Yes

This takes “green smoothie” to a whole new level that we love! —Ink+Wit

Be your greatest with The Greatist! —The Greatist

Jillian Michaels’ digs this organization, and so do we! —Dress for Success

Did you read something awesome this week? Share it in the comments! —Jenn


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