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Fit Bottomed Mamas Must-Read Links

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FBG Erin's two bundles of joy!

We’ve had some great content on the new Fit Bottomed Mamassite recently! With tips, tricks and discussion on all things mommy (no matter what age your kiddos are!), you haven’t missed anything have you?

Our take on the Tiger-Mama drama.

What do you do when you freak out about even thinking of getting pregnant? You write about it.

This isn’t yoga.

This, on the other hand, is yoga.

Eight things to do with the fam if you’re still snowed in!

Unsure how to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Why not try one of these fun activities?

Puppies and babies: The similarities are endless!

Five tips for making meal-time family-time!

Can’t you just feel the motherly love? —Jenn


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