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Fishing Trip Ends In Disaster As Man Loses Leg To Flesh-Eating Bacteria

A Mississippi man is still fighting for his life after contracting an infection while out on a fishing trip on April 11.

Gregory Bru Sr., who went out for the day with his son Gregory Jr., got salt water splashed on his legs during the trip. In the process he contracted vibrio Vulnificus, better known as flesh-eating bacteria.

Gregory Jr. explained just how much danger his father was in, commenting, “He's been fighting a hard battle. I hope nobody else goes through this. It's a very dangerous bacteria.”

That was starkly underscored when on April 13, less than two days after the fishing trip, doctors amputated Bru Sr.’s left leg below the knee in an attempt to prevent the spread of the infection.

However, even after a week in hospital, the prospects remain uncertain.

"It's gonna be a long road. He's holding strong. It's in God's hands,” Bru Jr. said.

Dr. Akechukwu Ekenna, a specialist in infectious diseases at Singing River hospital where Bru Sr. currently is, provided some information on how the bacteria can be contracted.

“We get infected with Vibrio primarily through open skin wounds, cuts, inhaling the water, and eating raw oysters, but mostly through cuts," Ekenna said.

He added some helpful advice for anyone with concerns.

“If you have an open wound, you shouldn't be wading in the water during the summer. If you do, wash it out immediately. And then if you do notice symptoms like chills, fever, sores, blisters, swollen areas, get to the hospital."

Bru Jr. was also advised that anyone with a compromised immune system is at a higher risk. He explained that his dad has liver disease, and had his spleen removed when he was younger.

Despite a long spell of treatment for his father, Bru Jr. is remaining hopeful.

“Seven days in the hospital, but he's still holding strong. It's definitely a terrible thing to see."

Sources: NOLAWLOX photo credit: WLOX

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