'First Warning System' Bra Detects Breast Cancer (Video)

A new cancer-detecting bra called the 'First Warning System' may help save women’s lives, reports CBS New York (video below).

“What we would like to see is this device used as part of a woman’s annual health care screening starting at the age of 18,” said First Warning System developer Matthew Bernardis.

“If we could see the actual change in cellular structure or tissue over a 24-hour period, we would have much better understanding of what was happening in a disease than in a healthy cell."

“What we can do is get a baseline of the tissue condition at that point, and look at that tissue year over year over year,” added Bernardis.

Doctors usually depend mammogram imaging, but for women under 40, who have not yet had a mammogram, a tiny cancerous mass may not be detected until their first screening, decades later.

“Cancer is white on mammogram and density in breasts is white, so it’s like white on white,” said breast cancer surgeon Dr. Margaret Chen. “If there is a test that could find cancer earlier, then it would be beneficial."

Using only a mammogram to screen women with dense breast tissue means their could be a missed diagnosis.

“This technology might improve the detection,” Bernardis said. “Because the system is non-invasive, it’s non-compressive, because it’s non-radiative, it is very safe to use on a routine basis."

The First Warning System will cost around $200 is expected to get approval by the FDA in about a year.

Source: CBS New York


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