First Responder Writes Heartbreaking Apology To Family Of Student Whose Life He Tried And Failed To Save


A first responder's open letter to the family of an 18-year-old whose life he tried and failed to save has gone viral.

Freshman Michael Namey, a student at the University of Central Florida, had a seizure during his pre-calculus class Monday. 

Manny Balestas, a fellow student and trained first responder, rushed to help Namey, performing CPR until the emergency crew arrived.

"I did everything I was ever trained to do," Ballestas wrote.

Tragically, Namey did not survive. According to doctors, his cause of death was cardiac arrest.

On Tuesday, Ballestas wrote the open letter, which contained an emotional tribute to Namey, an apology to his parents, and a plea to others to train in first aid and CPR.

"I am sorry I failed you," Ballestas wrote. "I'm sorry you lost your life so soon. I did not know you and I will never get the chance but I have no doubt in my mind that you were a remarkable human being on your path to becoming an extraordinary adult."

Ballestas made a promise to Michael's parents in the post that he would dedicate his education to their son's memory and continue to promote the importance of first responder's training.

"I cannot fathom the pain you feel and my words will never ease them but please know that I am so sorry," he said to Namey's parents. 

"I will work everyday, as a student, of UCF, an individual of society, and hopefully one day as a politician, to assure that what happened to your son can be prevented in schools nationwide."

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Sources: KFOR, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail


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