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'Check Your Kiddies Today': Mom Warns About Lyme Disease In Viral Facebook Post

Lyme Disease, which is caused by a bacteria found in tick bites, can strike at any time, and a woman’s Facebook post warning other parents about the danger of Lyme Disease in children has gone viral.

Though Mandy Osmack of Winnipeg, Canada, initially wrote her warning in June 2015, it remains relevant in the Winter months. There’s a common misconception that ticks die in frost, but according to the Tick Encounter Resource Center, not every species does and some of the ticks that can survive frost can also transmit Lyme Disease.

In her Facebook post, Osmack explained that it all started when she saw some type of bug bite on her daughter Paisley’s leg:

Even though I just assumed it was a mosquito bite, I called her doctor just to be sure. As soon as I described it as looking like a “bull’s-eye” she told me to bring Pais in (as soon as possible). Sure enough it is Lyme.

Thankfully we caught it super early and with some antibiotics Paisley will be perfectly fine! But if we would have left it, she could have been affected by it for the rest of her life. Please, everyone check your kiddies every day. And call your doctor if you have the slightest worry or concern, I am sure glad I did.

Although a “bull’s-eye” ring around the tick bite is considered a tell-tale sign of Lyme Disease, KidsHealth warns that other children can develop flu-like symptoms and a rash.

Osmack's good advice has since gone viral, garnering over 300,000 shares as of Jan. 14.

Sources: Tick Encounter Resource Center, Mandy Osmack/Facebook, KidsHealth / Photo Credit: Mandy Osmack/Facebook

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