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Finley Boyle, 3, Dead After Dental Procedure, Parent's File Lawsuit

Finley Boyle, 3, suffered massive brain damage while undergoing a root canal at Dentistry For Children in Kailua Hawaii last month. Finley died last night at Hospice Hawaii with her family by her side.

Finley's parents are suing Dr. Lilly Geyer and her practice Dentistry For Children alleging negligence and dangerous conduct, reports CNN.

The lawsuit alleges improper medications with incorrect dosages were administered to Finley.

"As a direct and proximate result of the medications administered to (Finley) by defendants, (Finley) suffered cardiac arrest during her dental procedure," the lawsuit says. It further alleges that as a result of the improper medications Finley "suffered severe and permanent brain damage."

Finley was given a highly potent mixture of sedatives before the procedure, including Demerol, a fast-acting opioid analgesic. Twenty-six minutes later she went into cardiac arrest, The Huffington Post reports.

Finley's parents are alleging that their daughter did not receive immediate CPR nor was the dentistry office prepared for this type of emergency. The staff of the dentistry practice had to run down the hall for help from a neighboring pediatrician.

The family's lawyer, Rick Fried, says the entire situation could have been avoided if the sedatives had been administered properly and Finley's vital signs monitored.

"We're just shocked that these drugs, in these doses, in this combination, could be given to a child of this size," Fried told Hawaii News Now.

Fried has obtained Finley's dental records from the morning of the procedure and they show only three notations about Finley's vital signs. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has guidelines in place that require vital signs to be monitored and documented at least every five minutes for patients under sedation.

Finley's pediatric neurologist, Dr. Gregory Yen, said MRIs showed she suffered severe brain damage and that she was in a persistent vegetative state.

Neither Dr. Geyer or her attorney, John Nishimoto, would respond to requests for comment by CNN regarding the lawsuit.

Finley's mother said she originally took her daughter to the dentist in November, when she was told her daughter needed six fillings and four root canals, according to CNN.


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