Final Call for July Weight-Loss Challenge Team Leader Applications!


While you’ve probably heard us jabbering about the FBG Weight-Loss Challenges, you’ve probably also wondered, what the heck is that all about? Sure, I want to live the FBG lifestyle and lose weight, but what would I have to do? And do I need to be fit to start a team? Well, to better explain the challenges and to give you a real sense as to how they work (the devil is always in the details, but we have logistics down pat, people!), we created a short video sharing more about what being an FBG Weight-Loss Challenge leader is all about.

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The video is set up just as the Weight-Loss Challenge classes are, so you get a really good sense as to how the whole inspiring she-bang works, along with what a leader’s role is for the challenge. Our next challenge begins in July (more nitty-gritty details are found here) and all leader applications are due Friday, May 27, so get to watching and changing the lives of others—and your own!

Can’t see the video? Click here to learn more about becoming an FBG Weight-Loss Challenge leader.

Ready to take the next step to be an FBG Weight-Loss Challenge leader? Fill out the application here! —Jenn


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