Final Autopsy Released for Ex-NFL Player Dave Duerson


An autopsy report for former NFL player Dave Duerson has revealed some of the more troubling details about his last few minutes before the eventual suicide.

According to the official autopsy report released by the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner, Duerson placed a chair against his door and an American flag at the head of his bed, initially. He then got undressed, slid into bed and finally shot himself through the chest.

The former safety who was a part of an infamous 1985 Chicago Bears unit, revealed that it was his last wish that his brain be saved and researched. He wanted for scientists to analyze his brain for clues on whether or not his professional football career contributed to the mental health issues he had later on in his life – after his playing career had ended.

“The body of David Duerson was found on his bed with the sheet pulled up to the neck,” the report said. “As the sheet was pulled off the body, a .38 Special revolver was seen next to the left hand with four intact rounds and one spent round in the five-shot cylinder.

“Multiple documents had been laid out on the dining room table,” the autopsy report says. “Multiple documents are laid out on the bed in the second bedroom, along with two framed certificates, framed medals and a folded American flag at the head of the bed. . . . The walk-in closet in the master bedroom has a football statute, three helmets from different football teams, and three football trophies.”

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