Fight Anxiety With Brain Training


While life’s stresses surely contribute to anxiety, people suffering from severe anxiety symptoms often find that they are struggling against themselves more than anything else. You can't always change your circumstances, but science can help you train your brain to respond differently, curbing anxiety and other problems like addiction.

Brain Training

According to the experts, brain training works by using neurofeedback to help balance energy levels in the brain. Patients are hooked up to EEG equipment and other computer systems during a session, and learn to control their brain patterns to help manage anxiety, depression, and a number of other disorders.

Does it work?

The science behind brain training is not yet robust enough to make it a first-line treatment for mental health disorders, but many clinicians think it has promise. In the meantime, it may be an effective complementary therapy for people who are not seeing the results they desire with other treatments for anxiety. Anecdotal evidence, including that supplied by celebrities like Wynonna Judd, makes brain training look like a promising therapy for a number of mental health disorders, including anxiety.

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