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Fertilized Eggs Are People. Children Are Not

I've read enough anti-choice literature now to know that if you are against abortion, at the moment of conception you now have a separate and unique individual.  That's how personhood works, and those are the words that doctors are expected to recite to you if you want to obtain an abortion in certain states.

But that only counts inside the clinic.  On the sidewalk, it's a different story, one clinic escort shares:

Yesterday, the clinic had to call the police (again) because the protesters had (again) violated the terms of the injunction. There were four women on the sidewalk and together they had three kids in strollers. In my world, four plus three equals seven. When told they were violating the injunction, they argued that "four people" did not include children.

Apparently, their actual children don't count  as people, but according to the signs they wave maniacally, fetuses do count as people.

The real question is, had one of the protesters been pregnant, would she then agree that there were too many "people" there?


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