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Female Tourists Tied in Bikinis, Gang Raped by Masked Robbers

Six Spanish female tourists were recently raped by masked gang members who raided their bungalow in Acapulco, Mexico.

The armed men burst into the bungalow rented by six women and seven men, all under 30 years of age, reports

The gang members tied up the men with phone cables, tied the women in their own bikinis and raped them.

The gang also stole credit cards, computer tablets and 7.800 pesos.

Acapulco is experiencing a bloody drug gang turf war between the Michoacan Family and the Knights Templar.

The gang war has led to numerous murders, including 16 men, who were found naked and tortured in an abandoned van a few months ago.

The Mexican government sent 7,000 troops to Acapulco in an attempt to keep the popular vacation resort safe in October 2011.



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