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Female Inmate Forced to Clean Up Aftermath of Miscarriage at British Prison

A female prisoner in England was taken into custody while pregnant, but the day after she was brought in, she had a miscarriage. It’s now being reported that the woman was left with the dead fetus in her jail cell and forced to clean up the aftermath of the miscarriage all on her own.

Nadine Wright, 37, was sentenced to 10 months in jail for shoplifting as well as some outstanding charges. According to reports, Wright has mental health issues and has been struggling with drug addiction for years. She came into prison pregnant, but it is not known how far along she was.

Wright’s barrister Phillip Gibbs described to a court just how disturbing the ordeal was.

“There was blood everywhere and she was made to clean it up,” said Gibbs. “The baby was not removed from the cell. It was quite appalling. It was very traumatic. She only received health care three days later, after the governor intervened.”

Gibbs, on behalf of the woman, described the situation, maintaining that a nurse stood by and just watched as the miscarriage occurred. Wright was then forced to clean up the blood and fetus all on her own and was not given any follow-up health care for a few days.

A spokesperson for HMP Peterborough, the prison at which the incident occurred, said that there would be no comment on any individual case, but did say that “a prisoner received medical treatment on the day of her arrival in prison and was seen by a GP the following day.”

“We have a duty of care to all prisoners that we hold,” continued the prison spokesperson in a statement to the Leicester Mercury. “As part of that, we ensure that all prisoners have access to the same level of NHS services as those in the community.”


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