Free Metta Practice and Yoga for Emotional Balance


Being out in nature, yoga, and living in gratitude make me feel good. What makes you feel good?

For those of you with yoga on your list (which is pretty darned likely, since you're reading this blog), here are a few ways to find good feelings through yoga:

Free 30-Minute Metta Yoga Practice

I'm a kinesthetic person, so I enjoy moving meditation. Metta, or loving-kindness, is often practiced in stillness. Vancouver-based yogi, Eoin Finn, has turned Metta into a physical practice (yeah!) with his 30-Minute Metta Physical Yoga practice. This practice is part of his Blissology Project DVD, which includes 6 DVDs complete with a week's worth of practices, but Eoin is generously offering it for free on Vimeo and via download (go here and use coupon code "spread love" to download the Metta practice for free).

Yoga for Emotional Balance

Clinical psychologist and yoga teacher Bo Forbes released an excellent book this month entitled Yoga for Emotional Balance: Simple Practices to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression. The book, which tackles two common problems -- anxiety and depression, is part self-help and part yoga therapy. Part 1 -- The Path to Emotional Balance -- offers up 5 Building Blocks for Lasting Healing along with breath and body exercises. The 5 Building Blocks are:

  1. Balancing Nervous System
  2. Regulating the breath
  3. Cultivating a direct experience
  4. Quieting the mind
  5. Changing our personal narratives

Readers might want to devote an entire journal to the useful exercises included throughout this book. Forbes invites readers to focus on the process rather than the result and cues awareness of before and after sensations for each exercise. The exercises will help people uncover and understand emotional patterns as well as offer easy-to-use tools to alleviate stress and tension in both the body and the mind.

Part 2 -- Breathwork and Restorative Yoga -- offers up 4 Emotional Types and practices for each. This second half of the book offers clear directions and illustrations for each practice.

If you're living with anxiety and depression or know someone who does, I highly recommend this excellent book.

Here's to feeling good! Namaste!


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