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Feel alive while teaching yoga

As I ground my sit bones into the earth. I allow my inhale to lengthen my spine form the base up. Creating length and space within my spine. Letting my head move towards the sky. My shoulders melt down my back and my hands join together in prayer in front of my heart. With each exhale I root myself further to the coolness of the floor. My chin slightly tucked in towards my chest as I gently close my eyes and continue to breath deep and slow. Surrendering my body to the flow of my every breath. Finding comfort and connection with my breath that is NOW!

My eyes open and I begin to take my class through gentle warming postures before guiding them into the peak of the class. As I begin to move around the class I loose myself into the instructions of yoga and surrender my energy to the various students. Connecting with each individual and offering them my support in any way that would help them go deeper into their own personal practice.

My spark reignites once more. My passion for teaching begins to light a flame within me. I have found and re introduced myself to my friend the heart. Alive, Bright and Connected within my core I take the class through a stage known as exploring the peak. I can hear my voice being grounded yet filled with warmth and tenderness. I feel balanced and moving with ease and confidence through out the class.

I encourage my students to find their meaning of just being the person they are. I encourage them to walk the path with dignity and confidence on and especially off the mat. I am there with them gently nudging them to meet their gifts within.

As the practice comes to an end I give them their space during sivasana/corpse pose so that they can explore their own breath effortlessly. A few minutes of silence follows before I bring them back to a seated position with their hands in Namaste in front of their hearts. I close the practice with the chanting of one AUM.

Teaching yoga is my passion, it is my inner voice of acceptance and non judgement of others and of myself. This practice keeps me real and grounded. Beautiful inside and out, able to take the next step forward with conviction.


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