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Study Finds New Pampers Don't Cause Rash

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Guest blogger Ronda Kaysen: A federal investigation into Pampers Dry Max diapers did not find a link between the new line of diapers and diaper rash, investigators said today.

When Procter and Gamble unveiled its new diapers last spring, they unleashed the wrath of angry parents who complained that the new, slimmer diapers caused diaper rash so severe some compared it to chemical burns. Outraged parents called for a boycott on a Facebook fan page that is now 11,400 members strong. From April through August 2010, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission received nearly 4,700 complaints about diaper rash, causing an investigation. Nearly 85 percent of the complaints came in May and then dropped off significantly.

Investigators reviewed clinical and toxicological data, the results of an irritation patch study that P&G conducted and chemistry, toxicology and pediatric medicine information provided by Health Canada.

In the end, they found no clear link between diaper rash and Dry Max. But, the CPSC noted that some babies may have sensitive skin or develop a rash from close contact with the materials in Dry Max or another brand of diapers. The agency suggests that any parent who thinks that a specific brand of diaper is causing a rash should switch brands.


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