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FDA Reverses Position, Now Supports Removing BPA from Infant Formula

The decision by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reverse its position over the health risks posed by the chemical, bisphenol A (BPA) could be the Waterloo for the ubiquitous estrogen mimicking substance found in the blood and urine of almost every American.

“Today’s announcement by FDA is the beginning of the end of exposing our children to this toxic, hormone-altering chemical during the earliest stages of life,” said Environmental Working Group Senior VP for Research Jane Houlihan. “It represents a victory for parents and children, and validation of the hundreds of independent studies linking BPA to numerous and serious health problems.”

FDA’s 2008 assertion that BPA presented no health concerns relied on just two industry studies and ignored hundreds of independent studies showing serious hazards at very small exposures. The 2008 assessment was sharply rebuked by the agency’s own Science Advisory Board, which called the scientific basis for FDA’s conclusions “inadequate”.

“This reversal by the new leadership at FDA ends nearly a decade of agency collusion with BPA manufacturers,” added EWG’s co-founder and Senior VP for Policy and Communications, Richard Wiles. “We hope this signals the beginning of a new era for health protections from FDA, based on 21st century science.”

HHS has assembled a number of tips for parents trying to reduce their children’s exposure. The list of tips is available online here:


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