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FDA Rejects Tobacco Products for First Time Under New Law

The Federal Drug Administration has just announced that they have banned several tobacco products for the first time.

Under new powers given by law in 2009, the FDA is allowed to regulate tobacco products, such as cigarettes.

On Tuesday, the FDA announced two new tobacco products were authorized while four others were denied over health concerns.

Concerns about the products were related to a particular chemical, which the product had more of than other similar items on the market.

The denied products were made by Lorillard Tobacco Company, which is known for its Newport cigarettes. The specific names of the products, however, were not allowed to be released.

Many are praising the FDA for blocking the sale of particularly dangerous tobacco products. Prior to the new law, the FDA had no control over products containing tobacco.

Before 2009, states were responsible for creating new laws about how tobacco products were sold and taxes. But they did not have control over the products contents or have the ability to ban a product from being put on the market.

Along with allowing the FDA to ban products, the new law also allows them to set federal limits on tobacco products' contents, like nicotine. 

Sources: Inquisitr, NY Times


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