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FDA Approves Plan B Vending Machines

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania has found a way to reduce the embarrassment and hassle of getting Plan B by creating a vending machine that supplies it to those over age 17.

Students simply swipe their student ID card to prove they are over 17, pay $25 and it is theirs. The method is discreet, easy, and timely.

As of now, this is the only vending machine providing Plan B. In all other areas, people must go to a pharmacy carrying the medication, ask for it from a pharmacist, provide their ID, and pay. 

Many have argued that this method is unreasonable due to Plan B's strict time requirements. The sooner the pill is taken, the more effective it is at preventing ovulation and thus, preventing pregnancy. 

There have also been debates about the risk of embarrassment when getting the pill from a pharmacist. 

The FDA is backing the vending machine, saying that there is nothing wrong with expanding access to birth control in this way. 

"FDA looked at publicly available information about Shippenburg's vending program and spoke with university and campus health officials and decided not to take any regulatory actions," an agency official said. 



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