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FBI: Texas Hospice Owner Told Nurses To Execute Patients

The FBI alleges that Brad Harris, founder and CEO of Novus Health Care Services, a hospice and home health care company, told employees to give fatal medication overdoses to some patients.

According to an FBI affidavit, an employee told investigators that Harris often ordered nurses to "overdose hospice patients when they have been on hospice service for too long" wth text messages such as: "You need to make this patient go bye-bye," notes NBC 5.

Harris has not been charged with any crimes, nor has anyone in his company.

The alleged medication overdose orders included drugs like morphine.

The FBI also accused Harris of telling two health care executives to "find patients who would die within 24 hours" because that would "save my ass toward the cap."

According to The Daily Beast, hospice has become big business because companies compete for Medicaid and Medicare dollars, but the government got wise to the corporate greed and set a cap of $27,820.75 for Medicaid/Medicare payments per patient.

However, if a hospice patient lives too long and exceeds the cap, then he or she becomes a financial problem for the hospice company.

"Hence, hospice providers have an incentive to enroll patients whose hospice stays will be short relative to the cap," an FBI agent noted in the affidavit, reports NBC 5.

Speaking about one of his hospice patients, Harris allegedly said "words to the effect of, 'If this f------ would just die,'" the FBI affidavit stated.

An unidentified employee reportedly told FBI agents that Harris sent a text message in 2013 asking a worker to "administer an overdose of medication to a hospice patient … by increasing the patient's medication dosage to approximately four times the maximum allowed."

The FBI said the employee didn't do it because the patient would have died.

Sources: The Daily Beast, NBC 5 / Photo credit: Tech. Sgt. Joselito Aribuabo via

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