Fattest Woman Wannabe Susanne Eman Engaged to Chef


The Arizona woman who hopes to eat her way into becoming the fattest woman in the world has taken a huge step to help her achieve that goal -- she is engaged to a chef.

Opposing Views first introduced you to Susanne Eman last August when she announced she wanted to tip the scales at a record 1,600 pounds. She weighed 728 pounds then; she now weighs around 756.

The Daily Mail reports that during that time she became acquainted with a man over the Internet, 35-year-old Parker Clack. He is now living with Eman and her two teenage sons.

"We are a match made in heaven. I love eating and Parker loves cooking," Eman said. "It's a perfect pairing. I still want to be the fattest woman in the world and Parker is fine with that. He loves larger women and sees how happy I am when I'm eating."

As far as him being a chef, well, that was a bonus.

"His cooking skills were definitely part of the attraction. How could I resist a man with talents in the kitchen?" the 33-year-old Eman asked.

Clack said he is happy to help Eman achieve her goal.

"I support her because it makes her happy, and I love big women. I know becoming the biggest woman ever is something she truly wants to do with all of her heart." Clack said.

Eman's doctors are of course against her quest, but they say she is reasonably healthy, a concern that Clack has as well.

"I do worry about her health of course, but I try to make sure she eats some healthy food like salad, and I make sure she does exercises," he said.

No word on when Clack and Eman will walk down the aisle.


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