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Father Wins Right To Vaccinate His Children

After a long court battle, a father has won the right to vaccinate his children.

The case was brought to Sydney’s Family Court when the children’s father, Mr. Randall, decided his son, 14, and daughter, 12, were missing out on extra-curricular activities because they did not have the required vaccinations. 

The children’s mother, using the pseudonym Ms. Duke-Randall, was opposed to her children receiving vaccinations. 

When Mr. Randall and Ms. Duke-Randall were married he agreed with her anti-vaccination stance in order to keep “peace in the household.”  Since their divorce in 2011 he has changed his mind. 

Mr. Randall tried to avoid court but “was simply unable to negotiate with [the mother] on the issue.”

Ms. Duke-Randall’s claim against vaccinations included the children being at an increased risk of experiencing “vaccine damage” because of various allergies she believes they suffer from, reports The Age

According to evidence supplied by a senior consultant in immunology, both children were found healthy and did not have “any allergies or any other contraindications to vaccination.”

Ms. Duke-Randall also submitted hundreds of documents to the court about the risks of vaccinations, including a supposed possible link to autism. 

Presiding Justice Garry Foster said much of the information she submitted ''is comments, submissions, irrelevancies.”  

“Since the mother has raised the immunisation issue, she has been narrowly focused on it, perhaps to the point where the best interests of her children have been subsumed,” Justice Foster said.

Justice Foster ruled it was in the best interest of the children to receive the routine vaccinations, reports The Australian.


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