Father Told He Can Only Donate His Liver To One Of His Sick Twin Girls


A Canadian father was faced with an impossible decision after being told that even though he is a match for both of his sick twin daughters, he can only donate his liver to one of them.

According to reports, Michael Wagner was told by doctors that he was a match for both of his daughters to receive his liver. The three-year-old girls suffer from Alagille syndrome, a disorder that affects their heart, liver, and other major organs.

Instead of being forced to make the decision on his own, a team of doctors will decide which of the two girls will receive their father’s liver in a bid to save their lives.

“We told them we didn't want to be burdened with the decision making,” Michael’s wife Johanne told The Canadian Press.

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The surgery is reportedly supposed to happen within two weeks, but Michael and Johanne have decided to bring their story public in the hopes that they can find a match for the daughter that does not receive the dad’s liver. Due to the nature of their condition, the young girls, who were adopted from Vietnam by the Wagners, are suffering from liver failure and are in need of new livers as soon as possible.

“When we saw them at the orphanage we were shocked, really,” Johanne said. “They were 9 pounds at 18 months. So we left the orphanage that day and went to buy two little containers with dragonflies on them and that's what we were going to lay their ashes in if they didn't make it.”

Despite the difficult situation they face, the Wagners say that they remain positive.

“We look back and we have no regrets,” Johanne admitted. “We would travel this path all over again. They have taught us openness, they have taught our children sharing and openness. It's been nothing but a wonderful mess.”

The parents have started a Facebook page in an effort to help find a donor for the daughter that won’t receive their father’s liver.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Canadian Press via The Huffington Post / Photo Sources: Daily Mail


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