Father & Son Photo at First & Last Shuttle Launch


Thirty years ago Kenneth Bray took his 13-year-old son Chris to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to watch the first-ever launch of a space shuttle. He asked someone to take a photo of the two.

"The moment has stayed with me since that day, and is one of my fondest memories and childhood experiences," Chris said in an email to Yahoo! News.

Fast-forward to last Friday, when the final shuttle launched into space. One again the pair made the pilgrimage to watch it, only Kenneth is now 69-years-old with gray hair, his son a grown man. They asked someone to snap a matching photo, 30 years later.

Chris put the side-by-side pictures on his Flickr photostream, and they immediately went viral. "The picture we waited 30 years to complete," Chris wrote.

"We've always loved that first photo," Chris told The Washington Post. "Taking a similar one for the last launch seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate the shuttle program and our relationship by putting the time passed in perspective, celebrating the interests we share, and illustrating the father/son bond we've maintained over the years."

Chris is stunned by the response, writing in the email, "I was surprised. The picture had a lot of significance for me and my father, but we didn't expect that the photo would touch so many other people."


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