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Father Gets A Touching Tattoo As A Tribute To His Deaf Daughter

A picture of a man who tattooed a hearing aid on the side of his head to match the hearing aid his deaf daughter wears has gone viral on Twitter and Instagram.

Thousands of viewers have shared the picture, which was originally posted by Instagram user “justcuriouspoe.”

The user captioned the photo with: “This dude’s daughter is deaf he got a hearing aid tattoo’d on himself to make her feel less self conscious.”

He added the hashtag, “PassingAlongPositivity.”

The heartfelt tribute comes just a week after the story about two parents who tattooed a copy of their daughter’s large birthmark on their legs to help her realize it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

The loving father’s identity is currently unknown, but many social media users are calling him the “Father of the Year.”

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Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Mirror Online


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