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Florida Family Speaks Out About Deceased Son's Heroin Addiction

In a recent obituary, a father were candid about their deceased son's struggle with addiction.

Isidro Garcia of West Palm Beach, Florida, had the challenging task of writing the obituary for his 27-year-old son, Brian Matthew Garcia. With the help of other family members, the Garcia family reflected on Brian's love for the sea, various sports activities, films, and his baby girl.

Unlike most obituaries, however, the family did not hide the manner in which Brian passed away, The Palm Beach Post reports. They wrote about Brian's struggles with depression and substance abuse, which led to the heroin overdose that ended his life on Sept. 25.

The family chose to share this information in hopes that it will bring awareness to the drug addiction and let those who are suffering know they are not alone. Brian's obituary mentioned that five other people also passed away from heroin overdose during that same weekend in Palm Beach County.

"I don’t want any other family of an addict or a loved one go through the pain we’re going through right now,” Isidro said in an interview with The Palm Beach Post.

Over 200 people attended the memorial service at Tropical Sands Christian Church, which is well-known within the recovery community. Friends of his from rehabilitation centers said they were grateful to have Brian in their lives.

"(Brian) was one of the most beautiful, charismatic, kind people I've ever met," said the mourning father. "But (even so), he was a flawed human being."

Having struggled with depression and anxiety, Brian turned to drugs and alcohol when he was 18. He had attended several rehabilitation centers over the years and recently received a diagnosis for bipolar disorder.

Faith Corsaro, Brian's girlfriend, said no matter how often he struggled with this substance abuse, he constantly tried to get better. His family and friends supported him as much as they could.

“If love could cure addiction,” Corsaro said, “Brian would be with us today.”

Read the full obituary for Brian here.

Sources: Palm Beach Post, Legacy / Photo credit: Garcia Family via Palm Beach Post


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