Fashionista Has Leg Amputated So She Can Wear High Heels


Long Island fashionista Mariah Serrano, who was born with a club foot, had her leg amputated after deciding it would be easier to walk in heels with a prosthetic.

Serrano’s leg had become increasingly painful with age. The now 22-year-old also suffered embarrassment when girls in high school called her “gimpy” and when she was forced to wear sneakers to prom.

In April 2009, Serrano seriously considered amputation when her doctor suggested that it would be more comfortable.

“As soon as he said it, I thought this is exactly what I need,” she said.

Serrano was finally convinced when her doctor presented an article about Alexander McQueen, who designed legs for athlete and model Aimee Mullins.

“He was the reigning queen of fashion and that was exciting and reassuring and much easier to accept,” Serrano said.

She was finally able to wear heels on New Year’s Eve, six months after her amputation.

It is still a challenge to walk in heels, so her collection is limited to two-and-a-half and three inch wedges. However, Serrano said that she is appreciative of her experience.

Serrano currently runs a blog called “Confessions of a One-legged Fashionista” where she explains how to pull off stylish looks with a prosthetic leg.

Sources: NY Post, Metro


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