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Farmer’s Market Sets Up Breastfeeding Booth, Gets Annoyed When Moms Use It

Police in Heber City, Utah, say they don’t understand why a breastfeeding booth drew so many complaints last weekend. They responded to a call from organizers, but had to explain that the mothers weren't doing anything illegal.

"Utah law is very clear, very specific and protects breastfeeding," says Police Chief Dave Booth.

"We have a booth called the Breastfeeding Cafe, and it's just a spot where nursing moms can take a break and nurse in the booth," Meghan Reed, the booth organizer and president of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition, told KUTV.

"We filled out the application," said Reed. "It described what our booth was about. So I'm not sure why they were so surprised when we got there."

Reed says the organizer of Heber Valley Farmer's Market repeatedly stopped at the booth on Thursday to tell mothers to hit the road.

What was so controversial? The booth showed images of mothers breastfeeding. Inside the booth: real live mothers breastfeeding.

"She came over to our booth three or four times," Reed recalled. "They demanded that we take down our photos or we take down our booth."

Reed says she feels targeted and will complain to the city about the incident.

KUTV reported that market organizer, Suzanne Hansen, never responded to requests for comments about what she found offensive.

"It's World Breastfeeding Week," Reed added. "To be harassed while providing breastfeeding support during that week is just kind of ironic."

Sources: KUTV, USA Today

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Chris Alban Hansen, Flicker Creative Commons / Nabeel H


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