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Farmer Asks Nebraska Commission To Drink Dirty Water At Fracking Hearing (Video)

The Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission listened to comments from the public last Tuesday regarding a proposal that would allow Terex Energy Corp to dispose of out-of-state fracking wastewater in Sioux County, Nebraska.

Terex Energy Corp wants to haul up to 10,000 barrels per day of truck salty groundwater and chemical fracking wastewater from Wyoming and Colorado to an old oil well in Nebraska, notes Fox Business.

Terex Energy Corp vice president of geology Marty Gottlob has reportedly claimed that the wastewater is not any more dangerous than what people have in their kitchen.

A local farmer tested that theory out last Tuesday when he poured glasses of water and then added his own ingredients for the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to drink, noted (video below).

“So you told me this morning, when I was in here talking to you, that you would drink this water, right? So would you drink it? Yes or no?” Osbourne asked the commission.

After a few moments of silence, a commission member told Osbourne that they wouldn't comment.

Osbourne replied, “Oh, you can’t answer any questions? So, my answer would be, ‘No, I would not drink it.’ So, I don’t want this in the water that will travel entirely across this state in three days."

Osbourne explained how people do not want to drink contaminated water brought into Nebraska any more than they would want to drink the water with his "trade secret chemicals," which he poured moments earlier.

The activist group Bold Nebraska, which posted the video on YouTube, has started an online petition against the wastewater proposal.

Sources: Fox Business,, Bold Nebraska
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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