Goodbye to Fitness Icon Jack LaLanne

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Fingertip push-ups? Insane.

The fitness world lost an icon over the weekend when Jack LaLanne died at the ripe young age of 96. The health and fitness guru has a ridiculous resume, including a television show that was on the air for decades, and some crazy accomplishments, like swimming handcuffed from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

His list of firsts is amazing. He opened the first modern health spa, was the first to have women working out with weights (woo hoo!), and he designed the world’s first leg-extension machine and other pieces of fitness equipment that are now commonplace at the gym. He also marketed a Power Juicer, introducing fresh juice and a love for freggies to the world at large.

The Jack LaLanne website includes videos of his television workout programs, a definite precursor to the modern day workout DVD. And be sure to check out his fingertip push-ups. Holy cow.

Jack coined numerous fitness phrases, including “Ten seconds on the lips and a lifetime on the hips,” my new favorite, “Don’t exceed the feed limit,” and “Better to wear out than rust out.” He clearly practiced what he preached—no one could accuse him of rusting out!

We shall remember Jack in the best way we know how: As a true Fit Bottomed Boy! —Erin


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