Family: Woman Died After Dentist Pulled 16 Teeth (Video)


April Walters went to a dentist in Southfield, Michigan, on April 8 to have 18 teeth pulled due to an infection, but she ended up dead, according to her family (video below).

"I just couldn't understand how she walked out the door happy and fine, and just died all of a sudden," Amber Waddell, Walters' daughter, told Fox 2 Detroit.

Walters reportedly had a number of health conditions -- sarcoidosis, asthma, COPD, high blood pressure, diabetes -- and used an oxygen tank, but the 46-year-old mom was cleared to have her teeth pulled by her doctor.

Walters was taken to Dr. Rana Rabban by her sister Crystal Cutright.

A dental assistant checked Walters' vials signs and was concerned, according to Cutright.

"Heart rate was still 130, the dentist came in, ready to do the procedure," Cutright said. "The dental assistant says, 'I am waiting for her heart rate to slow down.' The dentist said, 'We're fine,' and the procedure starts."

After 16 teeth were pulled, the dentist reportedly stopped.

"[The dentist] was talking to April, she said, 'Ma'am, I think you need to go to the doctor and get your heart checked on,'" Cutright recalled.

"Maybe five or 10 minutes later and [the dentist] was like, 'Yeah, ma'am like when you leave here you probably should take her to the doctor and get that checked out because her heart rate's kind of high,'" Cutright added.

While her family was trying to get Walters and her oxygen tanks into the car, Cutright recalled, "She says, 'I can't breathe.'"

Cutright feared the oxygen tanks were empty, went back into the dentist office, and asked for help. The dental staff provided oxygen, according to Cutright, but "[t]hey didn't do no CPR or nothing. They was just rubbing her chest."

"When the dentist came out, she started yelling, 'I told you to take her to the hospital,'" Cutright said, "and so I yelled back at her, 'I have to get her in the car in order for that to happen.'"

An ambulance was called to the scene, but Walters died. Her autopsy results are pending.

"A 46-year-old woman should not die in the parking lot of a dentist's office," Waddell said.

Caroline Oldsey, who works in the dentist office’s HR department, said their "thoughts and prayers" are with the family; a sentiment reiterated by dentist Chad Wise, who said there is an in-office investigation going on.

Meanwhile, the family has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for Walters' funeral.

"Please help us with our beautiful mother home calling," the page reads. "Our Angel was called home to heaven and we need help laying this beautiful queen to rest. Thank you so much all donations are welcome."

The page ended up raising more than its $2,000 goal as of April 13.

Sources: Fox 2 Detroit, GoFundMe / Photo Credit: April Walters Family/GoFundMe

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