Family Turns to Panhandling On Streets to Find Dying Mother a Kidney


A family in Springfield, Oregon has turned to panhandling on the street for a kidney from a living donor in the hopes that they can save their mother’s life.

Roxanne Loomis, a 63-year-old mother of two, has battled thin basement membrane disease for ten years, a genetic condition that has resulted in a failed kidney.

The condition also affected two of Loomis’ other siblings, including one sister who reportedly died from complications linked to kidney failure.

Though two of Loomis’ children have offered to donate kidney, they are ineligible because it is believed that they have the same condition. Outside of her family, five friends have offered to donate a kidney, but they were also deemed ineligible.

“I'd be jumping up and down, I would be so happy,” Loomis said of finding a match. “I mean, they would be my friend for life.”

Friends and family have helped develop a website called A Kidney for Roxanne in the hope of finding a donor, noting that a donor must have an O+ or O- blood type, no high blood pressure and no diabetes.

In the case of a match, Loomis has offered to pay all medical expenses for the donation.

Sources: DailyMail, KMTR


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