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Family Tries To Raise Money So Child Struck With Mysterious Illness Can Receive Help

Three-year-old Corbin Durant was born with more health problems than most people will deal with in a lifetime.

After his birth in 2010, he was quickly diagnosed with heart valve problems, low muscle tone, and nerve damage that has left his face paralyzed. And now, his cerebellum is shrinking as well.

"(That) can cause a lot of problems” mother Natasha Durant said. “It may be responsible for nerve degeneration. It may also cause problems with motor function and speech.”

Doctors believe his troubles are the result of a genetic abnormality. But up until this point, all tests for genetic disorders have come back negative. Corbin’s doctors say the child needs to be placed in the care of expert physicians in order to unveil the root of his problems. Specifically, they’ve been told to take their child to the Mayo Clinic.

Corbin’s doctors "were working on this for four years. They decided it’s time for him to see a new team and almost all of them first mentioned Mayo Clinic,” said Durant. “If we can figure out a diagnosis … I’m hoping there’s something to slow it down.”

The only problem is the Mayo Clinic is expensive. Mayo Clinic representatives have told the Durant’s they will need to place a $9,000 down payment just to be seen at the clinic. The family estimates they will need about $20,000 to have an initial consultation done at the esteemed clinic.

To help raise the money, the family has set up a Go Fund Me campaign.

“We are trying to raise money for him to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN,” the page says. “There are specialists there that may be able to give Corban a proper diagnosis, or as what has been suggested as a possibility his very own diagnosis.

“Unfortunately, the Mayo Clinic does not except his state OHP disability insurance and is requiring us to put down a large amount of money to even set a consult appointment. Any additional tests and procedures done will also need to be paid for up front. This little boy is amazing everyone he comes in contact with falls in love with him. He has the biggest heart and lives life to the fullest...Please help us get to the Mayo Clinic and get some answers. God Bless You!”

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