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Family Seeks Legal Action After 'Vacation From Hell'

Sadie Sanders and her husband Jason went to Cyprus, a Mediterranean island, with their four children to celebrate her father’s 70th birthday. 

The family traveled from their home in Irthlingborough, England, to stay at the Holiday Village Aliathon — a four-star resort — but the trip quickly fell apart. “Everything was nice enough for the first few days, but then on the fourth day everyone was told to get out of the pool because a child had had an accident,” Jason told Daily Mail.

“A guy came to clean the pool with some type of chemicals, but he just threw them in — it didn't look like he was doing a very thorough job.”

The next day, the vacationers were allowed to go back in the pool and all of the family members who went swimming fell violently ill — Sadie and her three young children were hospitalized.

“While we were meant to be celebrating his birthday we were rushing back and forth to hospital as one by one we were all struck down. It was horrendous,” Sadie said. The only person who didn’t get sick was the 70-year-old birthday boy, who had decided against swimming.

Jason spent nearly $8,000 on the vacation. “They had a very casual attitude to cleaning up and were not really concerned by us needing medical treatment. (What is) more, after each of us came back from hospital, we had no choice but to stay at this hotel until we could fly home,” he said.

“The illness suffered by the majority of our family completely ruined our holiday which we had been looking forward to for months.”

Several family members remain ill, Buckingham Advertiser reported.

Jatinder Paul, who works with law firm Irwin Mitchell, said he’s looking into the incident. “The illness suffered by this family while staying at the Holiday Village Aliathon and their ongoing pain and suffering is extremely concerning,” he said.

The travel agency that booked the trip, First Choice, also known as TUI UK Limited, has apologized. “First Choice closely audits all resorts to which we operate to ensure that health, hygiene and comfort levels are maintained in line with industry standards. As this case is now subject to legal proceedings it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Buckingham Advertiser Photo credit: Irwin Mitchell via Daily Mail


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