United Airlines Allegedly Kicked Family Off Flight Over 'No Nuts' Request


The family of a 4-year-old girl with severe nut allergies is alleging that United Airlines officials refused to protect their daughter from an allergic reaction by not banning nuts on a flight.

The young girl from Dublin had recently gone into anaphylactic shock on a different flight to New Jersey, according to the Daily Mail.

When she went into anaphylactic shock, another passenger had to inject adrenaline into her and the flight had to turn back to Dublin.

Still, United Airlines allegedly refused to prohibit passengers from eating nuts on the more recent flight because it is not a “nut-free airline.” The family claims that the airline promised them that it would provide them with a nut-free environment, but did not follow through with the agreement.

“We were only going to discommode 10 other people because we were all in first class,” said the girl’s mother. “They asked the other people but then a simple request seemed to turn into a big production.”

The mother said that when her daughter ate a cashew on the other United Airlines flight, her face swelled up and she broke out in hives.

“They put out a call for medical personnel and thankfully there happened to be an allergy specialist from Houston, Texas, on board the flight,” the mother said. “She came to the front and gave her the adrenaline from a vial.”

The family was asked to get off the plane after arguing about the request, and had to spend a night in a hotel. A day later, United Airlines brought them back to Dublin and agreed to not serve nuts.

Still, the airline issued a statement to clarify that it does not serve nuts, but that some foods they serve could contain traces of nuts.

“Although we do not serve peanuts on our flights, it's not possible to prevent customers from bringing food items on board that contain peanuts,” the statement read. “For operational reasons, we cannot remove any onboard products based on individual customer requests, and we do not offer nut-free buffer zones on our aircraft.

Recently, a different 4-year-old girl named Fae Platten also went into anaphylactic shock on a Ryanair flight after a passenger opened a bag of nuts on the plane. The man who cause the allergic reaction has been banned from future Ryanair flights because he was reportedly warned by staff not to eat nuts on the plane.

Source: Daily Mail, Image Credit: Alamy, Eastnews Press Agency


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