Family of Darlene Davidson, 82, Find Out They Buried the Wrong Woman



An Inglewood family accidentally buried the wrong woman after the mortuary mixed up their family member with another’s.

The family of the late Darlene Davidson, 82, thought they buried her on March 1, but then found out a few days later that Davidson’s body was still at the mortuary, and the body of a woman from another family was missing.

“I was already torn apart and then…this. It’s unbelievable,” said Davidson’s son, Eric Haynes, about the mix up at Simpson’s Family Mortuary.

Haynes said he and his family told mortuary officials before the funeral that the body was not that of Davidson’s, but they convinced that family otherwise.

A spokesman for the mortuary, Reginald Black, has apologized for the incident. However, fixing the mix up may be a little bit of a challenge logistically and emotionally, considering one family was robbed of a funeral, and Davidson’s family will now have to attend two. According to The Christian Post, the mortuary is planning to exhume the first woman’s body and pay for the funeral re-arrangements for both families.

Davidson will be (re)buried on Wednesday. 

Sources: CBS News, The Christian Post


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