Family Crowdfunding To Cover Expenses For Baby Born With 'One In A Million' Condition


When three-month-old De Sean Ellis was born, his parents immediately noticed something different about his body. His fingers and toes were fused together. Doctors soon confirmed that he had a rare genetic condition called split-hand split-foot malformation.

The fact that both De Sean’s hands and feet were fused meant he had an extremely rare form of the condition. Doctors said it is only found in about one in every million cases. His parents, who seem like quite the optimists, took the news in the best way possible. Here’s what De Sean’s grandma told MailOnline about how the parents reacted.

“When my daughter heard that, she cried: ‘My baby boy is one in a million!’” Evelyn Ellis said. “They could not be more happy with their son. We would not trade him for the world.”

Due to De Sean’s rare and severe form of the condition, doctors say he needs reconstructive surgery as soon as possible. Although Shriners Hospital for Children will cover much of the surgery's cost, the family still needs financial support to help pay for traveling expenses, time missed from work, and non-covered procedures for De Sean.

“The only way he's going to thrive is in the arms of his mom,” Ellis said. “There's no way she can work full time and look after an infant as he goes through all of these surgeries.”

To help cover De Sean’s medical expenses, the family has set up a Go Fund Me page. As of this writing, they have raised half of their $10,000 goal. The support they have been shown so far gives the family hope that De Sean will have all the support he needs. 

“We've got a long road ahead of us but De Sean has the most amazing parents and is surrounded by so much love,” Ellis said. “When I look at him, I don't see difference, I see ability. He's going to thrive and how cool is that?”

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Sources: MailOnline, GoFundMe


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