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Family Asks People To Wear Yellow To Show Support For Their Son, Who Has 'Bubble Boy Syndrome'

Seth Lane is just 5 years old, but he has spent a lot of time in hospital.

Seth has “bubble boy disease,” also known as severe combined immunodeficiency. His body can’t fight off infections, so he has to live in a sterile environment. His parents can’t touch him if they’re sick and even when they’re healthy they have to scrub themselves and wear plastic gowns to even be in the same room as their son.

Seth, who lives in Britain, will receive a bone marrow transplant in the coming weeks and his parents have asked the public to wear yellow and post photos themselves, using the hashtag #WearYellowForSeth.

In a new video posted by Seth’s parents, Leanne and Nik, the child holds up signs that read: “And my mummy and daddy will show me all the pictures and print them for my room.”

Leanne and Nik said they’ll keep a map of the world in Seth’s room, and every place they receive a photo from will be marked with a pin.

New York Daily News reported the family is trying to stay realistic, even though this is Seth’s second bone marrow transplant — the first one didn’t take. The bone marrow transplant, if successful, will rebuild Seth’s immune system.

They took a photo with Seth’s younger sibling recently, just in case the operation isn’t successful. “We did not have a picture of all four of us (other than one taken at Halloween where we were all zombie’s covered in face paint!) and I felt like I needed to get one in case we don’t get the chance again,” Leanne wrote. “Seth is not guaranteed to get through the next four months.”

Source: New York Daily News

News Image via YouTube


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