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False Widow Spider Bite Causes Disturbing Injuries (Photos)


A U.K. man suffered horrific injuries after being bitten by what he said was a false widow spider. 

Sunil Dade, 33, said he was bringing dry clothes in from the line in his parents’ garden when he slung a hoodie over his shoulder, the Daily Mail reported on Oct. 25. 

Suddenly, he began to feel an intense pain in his neck that was “a million times worse” than a bee sting. 

“It was like I’d been struck by lightning,” he told the Daily Mail. “I started shaking, my legs, my arms, uncontrollably. I ran into the house crying and shouting for my younger brother Sandeep, who’s 25, to help me.”

Dade’s brother then noticed the dead body of a fat, fang-bearing spider on his brother’s hoodie.

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Dade said he tried to ignore the pain for a day before finally seeing a doctor. He was prescribed antibiotics for the bite, but over the course of several days his skin began to turn black and peel off.

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A week after the terrifying incident, Dade was reportedly still having trouble sleeping and turning his head due to the injuries he suffered. 

Because Dade threw the spider away, it was not possible to confirm whether or not it was a false widow. Dade, however, remained convinced that the spider was the source of his torturous ordeal.

The warm, wet summer in Dade's home country of Britain has reportedly caused an increase in the population of false widow spiders, according to the Daily Mail

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“I’ve seen spiders with longer legs but this had this big hard black body, with white and grey on it, and it had these fangs," he said. "Only later did I look on the internet and find it was a venomous false widow spider."

Sources: Daily Mail, / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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