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No Botox: Facial Exercise Better than Face Lift?

A facial-exercise guru says performing an eight-minute routine twice a day can dramatically reduce the effects of aging on your face without a face lift.

Carole Maggio is the author of "The Ultimate Facercise." After a botched  nose job  27 years ago that left her with an unsightly dent in her nose, Maggio was wary of going back to the surgeon, so she devised a facial exercise routine that she says took years off her looks.

Maggio claims the exercises can smooth out the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth; lift your eyes; firm up your neck and jaw; reduce under-eye bags; and define cheekbones. The exercises are performed by working your facial muscles while providing resistance by pressing your fingers on your face.

Exercises include the Furrow Smoother, in which you spread your fingers out against your forehead, then tense your forehead muscles so they're working against resistance. You lift your eyebrows up while pushing down on the tops of your brows. You hold this pose for 30 seconds. This, Maggio says, helps lift drooping eyelids, and smoothes out the lines between your eyebrows and across your forehead.

Maggio says that if you perform her eight-minute routine twice a day, you should see improvements within a week. She warns not to do the routine more than twice every day, or you might overtire the muscles and end up looking even droopier. Diet and exercise can help, she adds, as can regular exfoliation of the skin, since our skin cells slow the regeneration process as we age.


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