Eyelash Tint Leaves Young Performer Scarred, Partially Blind


Russian teenage singer Masha Kuznetsova, 13, has been left scarred and partially blind after an eyelash and eyebrow tint took a terrible turn for the worse.

Kuznetsova underwent the treatment after a beautician told her it would save her prep time before her performances.

Masha’s father, Sergey Kuznetsova, says his daughter was never given any warning about possible side effects.

“They never gave us any warning that there were any risks,” Sergey said. “And we certainly never expected in our wildest dreams that she would be left with a disfigured face, chemical burns and partial loss of vision in one eye. It all happened two months ago, and she is still in pain and unable to perform properly.”

Masha's inability to perform is the least of his worries, though.

“The fact that she is in so much pain and looks like this is a disaster for our daughter,” Sergey continued. “She was an outward going and happy individual, and now she's a nervous wreck who just wants to hide in her bedroom the whole time.”

Here, courtesy of MailOnline, are two pictures of the damage:

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Not surprisingly, Sergey is suing.

“When it all went wrong, I was shocked that they didn't even apologize,” he said. “I am taking them to court, demanding compensation.”

Sources: MailOnline / Photo Credit: MailOnline


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