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Extreme Hoarder Dean Verboven Lights Fire in Home, Kills Self During Intervention

Dean Verboven, an extreme hoarder, in Greenwich, Connecticut, reportedly set a fire in his cluttered house.  The fire ended up killing him and seriously injuring his sick mother Barbara Verboven, reports CBS New York.

An intervention was apparently underway in the run-down home as a dumpster was set outside by the state to hold belongings of the mom and son. The fire started just hours before state social workers were supposed to arrive to clean out the house.

Greenwich Police Lt. Craig Gray told CBS New York: "The fire department has determined it was intentionally set. The lady used to work for the Board of Education in Greenwich and then she got sick and basically her son was taking care of her."

Barbara Verboven was treated at Bridgeport Medical Center for severe burns. One neighbor said Barbara Verboven spent almost all her time in a single room of the house, eating and sleeping in a room with a television on 24 hours a day.


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